Alison Underhill Massages
DO respect
we are professionals

Although at some point during your treatment you may find our thumbs firmly planted in your buttocks or use techniques that involve a lot of contact… these are strictly approved professional massage techniques, and NO we do not provide ‘extras’

Alison Underhill - Professional massage therapist

Alison Underhill is a specialist in deep tissue massage and sugar waxing with 25 years of experience.
Having done 3 world tours with Tina Turner, 2 with Shirley Bassey, Joe cocker and Level 42 she has perfected her own unique style of deep tissue massage. As in all professions there are the good bad and indifferent. Massage therapy is the same and if you go by her clients testimonials Alison is not only unique in her approach to massage therapy but very good as well.
She returned to Somerset in 2012 and then moved to Pitney where she now has her salon.