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Super talented
Alison is a super talented, experienced and knowledgeable massage therapist with a friendly and caring approach. I have used Alison for years now to release muscular tension and ease pain in my neck and shoulders. After experiencing her Swedish massage and her techniques in working out tough tension spots I always leave feeling like a load has literally been lifted off my shoulders! I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Anna sexton

I have travelled extensively, both for work and pleasure and always like to indulge myself with a body massage wherever I am in the world. I have been to some of the finest spas, but never in my travels have I had a massage that comes any where near the massages I’ve had from Ali. Her technique and pressure are just right, no, perfect, and I always feel as though I’ve been ‘fixed’ and am as light as a feather and 10ft tall. This feeling of euphoria lasts me for weeks. Unfortunately, I live too far away from Ali now to be able to have frequent massage but whenever I know I am going to be near Somerset, even in the next county, the first thing I do is book an appointment with her. I am so jealous of anyone who can have a regular massage with her, she is by far the best masseuse I have ever come across and can’t recommend her highly enough.
Barbara McLean

Can’t thank you enough, you have seriously changed my life! My body has hurt for so long, but thanks to you, I feel so much better and am so grateful, have tried so many other things, but you’ve seriously made so much difference to my whole being, phew, is all I can say xxxx
Emma Burham

The deep tissue massage from Alison is a regular treatment for me. It helps relieve tension and supports with reducing the muscle aches resulting from the amount of driving I do. Alison is both professional and approachable and I recommend her very highly. The benefits are amazing for my overall health and well-being
Patricia Marks

In great hands
My massages over the years have been exceptional! Alison is very good at adapting to different pressures! I feel in great hands knowing these hands have been accepted by many famous people over the decades !
Wendy Parsons

Relaxing and calming
Had a deep back massage off Alison and some reflexology too, as I suffer with prolapse discs and have to say, I had the best nights sleep in a long time after it. Good deep and not too painful massage on my back and shoulder, but not too sure on the reflexology, some people rave about it but don’t know if it did anything for me to be honest. Nothing against Alison technique as never had reflexology before. Think it might be a feet thing!!!! ???????? overall loved it and would highly recommend and use again also the price was great too. Thanks Alison.

Good afternoon Alison, Thank you so much for yet another fantastic foot massage. As you know I suffer with many foot problems making it very painful to walk. You concentrate wonderfully on massaging my feet and after your magical touch I feel like I am walking on air. In fact since you have been coming to massage my feet I feel I am now walking as well as I could 10 years ago. Much love L x

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